Gurusparsh is an education system tool to facilitate and ease communication between faculty, parents and students. Gurusparsh forms one personally structured platform for schools or colleges.Thought Ripples, an IT company based in Trivandrum, Kerala is the fountainhead of Gurusparsh. Gurusparsh projects revolve around one main objective which is for the up-liftment of students through the interaction between parents and teachers.


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GuruSparsh, the beginning…

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Considering one important scenario

Gurusparsh first project Student Safety Programme (SSP).This project includes the SMS alert and email of student absentees , notifications to classes, groups and individuals, sending marks.

Alice went to school as usual. On her way, she met with a minor accident and did not reach school.

The school, using GuruSparsh SSP, sends SMS alert about absentees to their parents or guardians. Alice's father, does not want to receive unwanted in his phone and had activated DND (Do Not Disturb) in his phone. However, as GuruSparsh SSP's messages are transactional, he gets the SMS. This helps him track the way Alice went to school and got her safe.

Political party XYZ called for a strike one day.

However, the school had already begun their daily programmes. Students are already in the school. The school is forced to close for the day at 11:00 AM. The parents need to be informed that the students are being sent back home. Through GuruSparsh SSP, they can send SMS to all parents. Within a minute all parents get the information.

School bus 10, on its way to drop students after school, breaks down somewhere.

Through GuruSparsh SSP, the school is able to send this information to parents of the 40 students in the bus 10. Thus the parents get to know that their children will arrive late.

The manager of a school wants to talk to the parent of Bob who studies in class 10th.

It is not practical for the manager to save the contact numbers of the parents of 1,500+ students in his mobile phone. Normally, the manager has to search the register to find Bob's parent's contact number, but using GuruSparsh SSP's mobile application, the manager can call the parent of Bob in just two clicks.