• Completely satisfied! Parents are very satisfied as well. The PTA committee has decided to extend the service to the next year”.

    Mrs.Lariza K, Principal, SSNSS Varkala

  • Best service! Notifications and attendance are highly useful modules. Fully satisfied with the experience.”

    Mr. Antony A A, Principal Hira Residential School, Mukkam

  • “Parents can control students invisibly. Career guidance can be sent to students via messages. Parents, who are busy, can now easily keep track of their child’s studies.”

    Mr. Rajan P K,GAGHSS, Chalappuram ,Principal

  • “Helps in easy identification of truancy. Alerts about meetings can be easily sent out at the right time.”

    Mrs. Joicy K Joseph , MCCHS, Kozhikodu Principal

  • “School administration has become much easier now. It saves time. Helps improve parent-teacher relationship.”

    Mrs. Remila Grace Vijayan ,MCCHSS, Kozhikodu ,Principal



Vidyasuraksha is the first project created under Gurusparsh for uplifting quality education thereby ensuring children’s safety by involving parents in their curricular and non-curricular activities. Read more...

Back to School

TR was pioneers in creating Student Safety program in Schools of Kerala. The program received an overwhelming response and in various media it was acknowledged. So, as a socially active member, it becomes our huge responsibility to contribute more to the society. These thoughts paved way for our latest project, Back to School. Read more...