TR was pioneers in creating Student Safety program in Schools of Kerala. The program received an overwhelming response and in various media it was acknowledged. So, as a socially active member, it becomes our huge responsibility to contribute more to the society. These thoughts paved way for our latest project, Back to School.

Initially, children start bunking for fun, but eventually this leads to many erroneous activities. Back to school is a project that encourages to eliminate these things from schools thereby redirecting towards the holistic development of students.

There are two phases for the project. The greatest thing about this is the public can also join hands with us and be a part of a noble cause.

Ist Phase

The first 100 higher secondary schools who register in can get the Attendance Application that sends students attendance in the parent's mobile for absolutely free of cost.

IInd Phase

Public can join hands with us and be a part of the noble cause.

The ex students, parents or any social responsible citizen can be a part of this project by donating the software to any higher secondary or high schools at a discounted rate. By doing this as a responsible citizen, you will be promoting and sowing the fruitful seeds of a healthy youth.

The inspiration behind the project is a very strong determination in providing a safe and secure atmosphere to all the students. As a start up we are so happy in creating such a product to the schools and be a part of the change.