Better education for healthy youth


To help teachers and parents to develop a culture of continuous wholesome attention towards a child's presence in school and how they perform in their academic activities through technology


Vidyasuraksha is the first project created under Gurusparsh for uplifting quality education thereby ensuring children's safety by involving parents in their curricular and non-curricular activities.With the power of transforming the classrooms with the aid of technology; educators, parents and students have done many things which was previously impossible which resulted in the holistic development of students.

Gurukulam, is a project intended for the holistic development of the students. Gurukulam Project was commenced in the academic year 2014-2015 and it is successfully continuing. Gurukulam is implemented in 236 government & aided schools of Kottayam District Panchayat. The aim of the project was to give constant attention in the student's curricular and co curricular development thereby creating a better and healthy you.

Due to the exploitation of school students in multiple ways, their security was at stake. To avoid such situations awareness should happen at both schools and homes. Teachers and parents play a pivotal role there. Through our Student Safety Project, parents and teachers realised the importance of such programs and by the means of the project they supported hugely in safeguarding the students. Lot of positive response were received from the public and as per various reports, the student crimes reported in Kottayam district has tremendously gone down. Supporting documents are attached as well.

The Gurukulam Project in Kottayam District received laudable appreciation from the State and many jilla panchayat showed interest in the project. As a result, Gurukulam Project will be implemented soon in many Jilla Panchayats.


"Gurukulam Project is one of the best things that Kottayam district panchayat has done in the education sector. Not only in the district but also in the state it has become the topic of interest. Last year, the project has begun by integrating the ongoing academic projects and by starting new programs for the challenges in the formative learning scenario. Under this, the most praiseworthy was the attendance tracking system. Along with it, counselling classes, career guidance program, students' diary circulation, training for teachers and parents got executed."

GuruKulam Project Report 2014-15

Targeted Customers Local Self Governments, CSR Projects
Project Status Implemented in Kottayam Jilla Panchayath
Total number of Schools engaged till Nov-2015 230